Professional & Certified Hair Color – Ombre / Balayage & Highlights

Get smooth, soft, excellent and lustrous hair with added shine

Get smooth, soft, manageable and lustrous hair with added shine.

At Hairplay, our hair colourist and stylist specialise in hair color, color correction, highlights, low lights, ombre and balayage hair.

At Hairplay, you will experience premium hair care, hair styling and hair coloration from our professional hair colorist and stylist. We specialize in a wide range of hair color, color correction, highlights, low lights, ombre and balayage hair solutions.

Hair coloring, when done professionally, can serve a very useful and fashionable complementary effect on your face – to illuminate your skin tone or positively influence your mood as well as the moods of those you come in contact with.

Modifying the natural tone of the hair has always been a secret fantasy for many. And thanks to our professional in-house stylist, we offer a wide variety of techniques and colors to play with. Additionally, this possibility of changing the natural color, texture or looks of your hair is a service we provide cautiously.

Since the universal goal in all our hair coloring services is to help enhance the health of your hair, we are able to choose the appropriate techniques and products that match your hair type.

Before & After Hair Colour

Experience the best of highlights, ombre and balayage hair color by our certified hair colour stylist.

Hair Color Prices in Dubai

Additional Services to complement our Hair Extensions.

Dear valued clients. Please be informed 5% VAT will be added on all Hair and Beauty services.


COLOR & HIGHLIGHTSPrices Starting from AED
Root Touch Up150
Full Hair Color400
Front Roots Color100
Inoa Root Touch Up250
Inoa Full Color500
Inoa Front Roots125
Balayge/Ombré /Highlights 600
Half head highlights350
Color Correction400
Color Toning 100

*Please note Balayage and Ombre is for the foil technique, if you would like darker roots its additional root colour.

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Hair Color Transformations

Our range of hair color transformations include:

  • Light to darker shade hair color
  • Highlights to lowlights
  • Natural to Virgin Hair
  • Dark-colored to blonde hair
  • Blonde hair to ombre/balayage
  • Uneven to red hair color
  • Crazy color on natural hair

We Are Dubai’s Trusted Hair Color Transformation Stylist

Many women want to look radiant and beautiful, with professionally colored curls. But what if your chosen color is not natural and the hair is growing very fast? Do you really have to dye the roots every time? Of course not, because in the modern world of fashion, there is that unique hair color that keeps you from a messy hairstyle.

So whether you are looking to transform your hair from a light to darker shade hair color, highlights to lowlights, natural to virgin Hair or perhaps you want to add some crazy color on natural hair, or even transform your dark colored hair to blonde hair. At Hairplay salon, we’ve got all the required hairstyling equipment and certified hair styling products (such as Inoa, Matrix, Loreal, Lakme, Syoss, Wella, Garnier, Redken, Revlon, etc) to make you look gorgeously attractive and chic. We can also transform your blonde hair to ombre/balayage or change your unevenly colored hair to red hair color.


We invite you to visit our salon to choose the right shade that matches your hair color. A breathtaking result awaits you at Hairplay Salon! Contact us, Today!!


Stretching the color on the curls, for instance, is a popular dyeing process, where the tips make a smooth transition from darker colors at the roots to lighter colors. During the procedure, the natural color is usually taken as the basis. Our specialist begins at the base of your hair growth and then creates a “soft” color transition.


As trained color specialists who focus on the many facets of hair color – both technically and creatively; we guarantee an outstanding and unique hair color correction quality, which tailored to your very own personality.

Perhaps you want a natural hair color without looking dyed. Or you want to make a statement with your hair color, or maybe you just want to cover your gray hair – or a hair type change with wow effect.

” It does not matter if you dyed yourself or another hairdresser made a mess of your hair. Sometimes it happens that your hair has a yellow or green tinge and you are dissatisfied with your hair color. We help and make a color correction.

Rest assured! We offer classic highlights, highlights, balayage, baby lights, ombre, contouring or painting. With us, you are in the best hands when it comes to your individual color preferences.


Balayage is much more than a trend – Balayage stands for a new, unique and personalized look, with a hair color gradient that’s enhanced by naturally deep approaches to increasingly brighter peaks. Matched to the respective basic hair color, highlights are drawn with the latest techniques and state-of-the-art products.

The key to the balayage is in the hairdresser’s expertise. The technique of brush balayage is more complex and requires greater mastery in the application than the classic silver paper wicks. The wicks with brush allow a more natural application, creating authentic points of light where it is required, and with great precision. More subtle light effects are created with the brush. It is also possible to lengthen and prolong the time between touch-ups since this technique allows to reach the very root of your hair.

At Hairplay, creative hairstyling techniques such as Balayage means more to us! It represents the new and modern way to dye your hair and look great!


We offer classic low light hairstyling too – offering you a seamless transformation from a highlight hairstyle to a low light! So you can rest assured in the knowledge that you are in the best hands when it comes to your hair styling preferences.


It’s a classic version of stretching where your hair is dyed in two colors: dark at the roots and bright at the tips; with the color flowing gently into each other. With the horizontal transition line appearing to be washed away, and at the same time, the color contrast of the hair being visible. There are two major Ombre techniques, these includes:
  • Hair shades Ombre – Completely different colors and shades are used. And these colors can be quite different or distinctly contrasting. For example, black and red; Sharp ombre is very popular among young people. It is often worn by teenagers.

  • Smooth Ombre – Requires certain skill during styling. A key factor, however, is the choice of shadows. This is coloring. If done by an amateur stylist, the result will be quite unpleasant. The most popular transition is from darker roots to bright ends. Hair length is not important as Ombre is also suitable for short hairstyles.


We carry out classic stripping techniques at the highest professional level using high-quality products.

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116 reviews
Archana K.
Archana K.
3 hours ago
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I had a Brazilian Keratin treatment done for my hair and it was excellent! This is by far the best keratin treatment I’ve gotten done. Mohammed is the best! He carefully treated my hair, gave me advice on post care and he is funny! 😃 I would definitely recommend Hairplay. Totally delighted!
Sarah M.
Sarah M.
5 days ago
Read More
Islam did an amazing job! I was so pleasantly surprised by the end result! I completely trusted him with my hair cut and colour (I have never dyed my hair before so I was a little nervous BUT I had nothing to worry about in his hands). I love short hair and he did a beautiful job! Will definitely return and tell all my friends and family! Thank you to Islam and Regina and the rest of the Hairplay Team!
Upeksha T.
Upeksha T.
1 week ago
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Did a keratin treatment at Hairplay recently. Was amazing, so happy with the final look.. Staff is so friendly. Absolutely recommend the place. Totally worth your pay..
Roxanne S.
Roxanne S.
3 months ago
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The stylists and staff were all excellent. I had a keratin and probably one of the best I've had in Dubai, the attention to detail was fantastic. Great customer service from the receptionist too. Highly recommend.
Rita C.
Rita C.
a year ago
Read More
Best hairdresser in Dubai for Extensions! The staff was super nice and welcoming and hair stylist Mohammed was the best hair scultor, he mashed and re-applied my old hair extensions super well with the new ones that i got, and blended everything super well, i even came for a touch up after and they got my hair looking amazing! Super happy with the results!!

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