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Protein Hair Treatment Salon Dubai

The best protein hair straightening service

If you want to improve your hair structure through deep conditioning treatment and add some glam to your hair-styling regime, then a protein hair treatment is mandatory for you. Getting the glam hair like fashionistas and celebrities is only possible with some protein treatment for hair straightening.

Flaunting your smooth and shiny hair without hair breakage or dried hair is possible if you visit Hairplay hair salon in Dubai at the DIFC and Business Bay area. With the best deals in hair treatment keratin, get the best hair treatment without breaking a sweat!.

When it comes to protein hair treatment in Dubai, nobody does it better than us!

Protein Hair Treatment Prices

Specialized TreatmentsPrices Starting from AED
Original Brazilian Blowout1000
GK Keratin800
Hair Botox Fillers1000
Organic Formadehyde Free Keratin Treatment1000
Protein Keratin Treatment700
Collagen Treatment700
Loreal Power Dose*50
Hot Oil Massage (without wash)70
Organic Hair Spa150
BC Broken & Damaged Hair Treatment200
Scalp Exfoliating Treatment150
Miracle 10 Treatment200
Root Deep Anti Hairloss Treatment800

*Add on service
**Gift vouchers available upon request.

Protein Hair Treatment - All you need to know

Are you tired of split ends in your hair strands? Does your natural hair consist of a lot of dried hair and damaged hair strands? Do you want to get smooth and shiny straight hair like the Glamazons and beauty queens? Do you need treatment for hair straightening that moisturizes and strengthens and eliminates your frizzy hair? If you are suffering from one or more of these haircare problems, you specifically need protein hair treatment. The expert stylists at our salon often recommend protein hair straightening treatment. With us by your side, you will get the bliss of top-notch protein treatment for hair in a salon that has never been experienced before. The usual routine of shampooing, intensive conditioning, and protective styling is not enough. You need extra hair care for sure. Protein treatment for hair provides your cuticles and shafts with different types of protein that moisturizes and strengthens them. Our premium stylists can do some magic with hydrolyzed proteins that moisturize and strengthens your hair. With us, getting conditioning treatments for your damaged hair is a cakewalk!
With us, you will get a hair protein treatment like none other. We are the best at what we do. Our team of experienced stylists and hair experts have fiddled with various forms of hair straightening and conditioning treatments- creating the best protein treatment for hair that will rid you of all your hair woes. Be it damaged hair, dried hair, frizzy hair, or hair follicles without the necessary nutrition, our customized protein hair treatment takes care of each of the issues you are facing. After getting the necessary conditioning treatments for your hair, get the delight of blow-drying and hairstyling that lands you with perfect hair. Our team of experienced hair colorists and experts have created the best hair treatment keratin according to our clients’ needs and expectations. ● We prioritize our clients’ safety and hygiene, for us your safety comes first. ● The best protein treatment for damaged hair that is dime a dozen. ● Endless choices in protein hair straightening. ● Authentic and superbly professional protein treatment for natural hair created by perfected craft and brilliance. Need to know more about our signature range of protein therapy for hair- Give Us A Call And Know More! Hairplay has always been in the middle of the fashion trends and styles that are creating a furor in the fashion circuit. With our expertise, getting yourself an awesome hair makeover is as easy as a pie. But apart from styling and coloring, Hairplay is the ultimate destination to get yourself a hair treatment keratin that transforms your damaged hair and leaves your hair protein-rich. Getting a protein treatment for natural hair at the most affordable prices is now possible with the most loved hair and beauty salon of all! Whether you want a hair inspiration or a hair makeover, You just have to visit us. With a range of protein hair treatment Dubai, it is the numero uno choice for urban-chic and fashion-frenzied women!
Once you walk into our beauty salon to get yourself a hair protein treatment, you are in for some great benefits! ● The ultimate treatment for dried hair and damaged hair: Our best hair treatment keratin for your dried, damaged hair will leave your hair intensely moisturized. Our hairstylists and experts have devised the best keratin protein treatment that strengthens your hair, prevents split ends, repairs limp and brittle hair strands. ● Hair straightening goals made easy: Our hair and beauty salon will surely streamline your hair straightening goals. If you are tired of your frizzy hairs, get a protein treatment for natural hair that is one in a million! Our protein hair straightening treatment is the best that you can get in the region. ● Budget-friendly: Our keratin protein treatment and other forms of conditioning treatments are the best in quality and deliver each time. With our fabled hair protein olaplex you can deeply nourish and make your hair protein-rich. The best part – It’s pretty affordable! With us you get the best-in-class protein treatment for hair straightening and other forms of protein treatments at the most competitive prices in the industry! The price tags that come with our Brazilian protein hair treatment and other forms of protein hair treatment are the most modest that you will find in all of Dubai! ● A flurry of choices: Do you want protein treatment for hair straightening? Or do you want to deeply condition and nourish your hair beyond what normal conditioners and shampooing routines do? If the answer is yes! Then you should book an appointment with us right away. We offer hair treatment keratin for your damaged follicles. Our collagen treatment for hair supplies you with the goodness of proteins that help prevent thinning & fights premature graying.
If you want to be the eye-catcher with the best hair protein treatment Dubai at the best prices, you have come to the right place! Hairplay is your one-stop solution to get an immersive range of protein hair treatment as given below. ● Collagen treatment for hair ● Protein hair straightening treatment ● Brazilian protein hair treatment ● Keratin protein treatment ● Protein treatment for curly hair ● Bio protein hair treatment ● Organic protein hair treatment ● Protein treatment for natural hair ● Protein treatment for damaged hair Become a ramp-queen with our exciting and the best hair treatment keratin available at Hariplay!

Frequently Asked Questions

Applying a keratin hair product will help your hair in several ways. Keratin is a structural protein and is the chief building block of your hair. Protein conditioners and treatments mainly make use of keratin in your hair to strengthen it, moisturize it, eventually preventing further damage. Keratin is a protective protein that helps to make your hair robust and prevent hair follicles from breaking easily. It also makes your hair look healthier. At Hairplay, our expert stylists provide a superior quality of hair treatment keratin for your needs. Silky smooth hair is just a consequence of this treatment.
Getting natural keratin treatment at home is a possibility with a range of conditioners and keratin products in the market, however, these are extremely expensive, time-consuming to apply and often you do not know the perfect applications. With Hairplay, all your problems will be solved as we provide GK Best- the best hair treatment keratin for all your needs! We also provide a professional protein hair treatment par excellence that comes at an affordable price.
A deep conditioning treatment often provides intensive moisturizing and conditioning for your hair. But it does not strengthen your hair very much. Therefore it is essential to alternate your intensive conditioning treatments with a protein treatment. It will not only supply the necessary amino acids inside your hair but strengthen your hair cuticles, hair shafts and thereby make them protected against external wear and tear. Protein treatment gives excellent results for every hair length. Our experts at Hairplay are superbly professional and the best as far as a protein hair treatment is concerned. Just get in touch with us to know more.

Before & After Protein Treatment Makeover

Experience the best of GK Keratin hair straightening treatment by our professional hairstylist.

Protein Hair Treatment Deals & Offers

Keratin Hair Treatment OFFER

Offer price:
600 AED
Original price: AED 1180
Total Savings: AED 580
What our customers are saying...about this offer !!!
Upeksha T.
Upeksha T.
1 week ago
Read More
Did a brazilian hair straightening treatment with this promotion at Hairplay recently. Was amazing, so happy with the final look.. Staff is so friendly. Absolutely recommend the place. Totally worth your pay..
Roxanne S.
Roxanne S.
3 months ago
Read More
I took this tempting Offer again. The stylists and staff were all excellent. I had a kera straightening done and probably one of the best I've had in Dubai, the attention to detail was fantastic. Great customer service from the receptionist too. Highly recommend.
Rita C.
Rita C.
a year ago
Read More
Best keratin treatment offer in Dubai so far. The hairdresser in Dubai for the best kera straightening of hair! The staff was super nice and welcoming and hair stylist Mohammed was the best hair scultor, he mashed and re-applied my old hair extensions super well with the new ones that i got, and blended everything super well, i even came for a touch up after and they got my hair looking amazing! Super happy with the results!!
Archana K.
Archana K.
3 hours ago
Read More
I got this Keratin Hair Offer and did my hair color and it was excellent! This is by far the best hair straightening I’ve gotten done. Mohammed is the best! He carefully treated my hair, gave me advice on post care and he is funny! 😃 I would definitely recommend Hairplay. Totally delighted!
Sarah M.
Sarah M.
5 days ago
Read More
Islam did an amazing job with the protein hair straightening treatment I was so pleasantly surprised by the end result! I completely trusted him with my hair cut and colour (I have never dyed my hair before so I was a little nervous BUT I had nothing to worry about in his hands). I love short hair and he did a beautiful job! Will definitely return and tell all my friends and family! Thank you to Islam and Regina and the rest of the Hairplay Team!
Limited time offer! Slots filling in fast
This is very limited offer and expires when the clock strikes zero:

Limited time offer! Slots filling in fast

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