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Keratin Treatment Salon in Dubai

Best place to get yourself a wholesome keratin hair treatment in DIFC & BusinessBay

At HairPlay, we offer different types of hair treatments – Brazilian Blowout (BBO), GK Keratin Straightening, Hair Botox, Anti-frizz shine treatment and kerarganic formaldehyde-free hair treatment.

Looking to get a straightening hair treatment done? Or are you searching for the best keratin treatment that eliminates frizz and gives you shiny hair worth noticing? In either case, visit the premium hair salon that offers the best-in-class keratin treatment, Dubai-Hairplay! Located at the DIFC and the Business Bay area, this is the place to visit if you want to get great deals on your hair straightening and hairstyle treatments.

You would love our services for sure.

Features & Benefits:

  • Heal And Repairs hair in 30 – 60 Min.
  • Moisturizes Your Hair.
  • Protects Damaged Hair.
  • Frizzy-less hair.
  • Reduces hair volume.
  • Gives More Shine.
  • Straightens 80-90% of Your Natural Hair.

Our Keratin Treatments in Dubai

Explore our extensive keratin hair straightening services in Dubai at our HairPlay DIFC and Business Bay salons.

Keratin Treatment Prices in Dubai

Specialized TreatmentsPrices Starting from AED
Original Brazilian Blowout1000
GK Keratin800
Hair Botox Fillers1000
Organic Formadehyde Free Keratin Treatment1000
Protein Keratin Treatment700
Collagen Treatment700
Loreal Power Dose*50
Hot Oil Massage (without wash)70
Organic Hair Spa150
BC Broken & Damaged Hair Treatment200
Scalp Exfoliating Treatment150
Miracle 10 Treatment200
Root Deep Anti Hairloss Treatment800

*Add on service
**Gift vouchers available upon request.

Keratin Treatments - All you need to know

The eternal way to get smooth shiny straight hair. Annoyed with your curly hair? Do you think that your frizzy hair is particularly adamant and won’t budge to a hair smoothing treatment? With our master craftsmen at their job, stop fretting and enjoy a shiny straight hair that is the stuff of dreams. Our team of experienced hairstylists and experts have perfected the techniques of keratin hair treatments including – Brazilian blowouts and other types of protein treatment for hair. Our team of hair experts introduces keratin from acclaimed brands like GK Best and Kerarganic to make your hair extensions dazzle and eliminate frizzy hair. With the state-of-the-art botox hair treatment, getting your hair cuticles and hair shaft shiny is a breeze! With the appropriate hair treatment that ensures your glitz while rebonding hair, be ready to be a show-stealer.
With us, you can stay relaxed about getting a range of best hair treatment options that will nurture your hair and make every day a good hair day for you. ● A wholesome range of hair treatment options: We are the best in the business for performing a full-scale hair roots treatment that will mend your hair cuticles – Our holistic Brazilian keratin regime imparts external keratin to repair the dull and brittle hair shafts. Our state-of-the-art permanent hair straightening and hair smoothening options will get rid of your frizzy hair and make the hair extensions look perfect. Our stylists have honed their skills for botox hair treatment and have introduced natural antioxidants for your hair, this makes it look smooth, shiny, rejuvenates the hair strands, increases its volume, and gives your hair an eye-catching appeal! Our hair botox Dubai is loved by clients because it eliminates frizz like none other. With the best hair treatment Dubai at your disposal, you will always look posh and ritzy! ● Industry’s leading services at the lowest prices: You might be thinking that getting a keratin treatment near me is a costly affair, and it could make you back out from visiting beauty salons. That should not be the case! We offer an immersive range of premium services for rebonding hair and repairing broken and dull parts. After we wash your hair that has been treated, we blow dry it and that helps to glam up your looks! Our Brazilian protein & GK hair treatment using the GK Best protein are superlative ones that come at the lowest prices compared to other beauty salons in Dubai. We have mastered the art of providing the best keratin treatment in Dubai that comes with the lowest price tag. Having our stylists perform the best protein treatment for hair will never cause a financial burden. We offer the best services that are easy on your pocket. ● Personalized hair treatment options: With us, you get the best protein treatment for hair. Our protein treatment is the best in the region. Upon identification, Our master stylists belt out a hair rebonding in Dubai that is unmatched at every level. We have taken hair smoothening in Dubai very seriously and also amped it up to the next level. Whether you want to get a keratin treatment for thin hair or you want to get yourself a makeover by opting for keratin treatment for curly hair, we will always do your job hands down. Get yourself a hair treatment par excellence that endows you with million-dollar looks!
Hairplay has made its name in being the best at what it does. We offer the best hair treatment and keratin treatment in Dubai that speaks on its own. We house a team of talented hairstylists who are clearly the best at their job and have taken their skills to a different level! If you want to get shiny hair without any frizz, visit our hair salon and feel the difference. With Hairplay at your service, you will always get the following. ● Genuine gk keratin treatment and Brazilian blowouts that are authentic and top-class. ● A priority in hygiene and safety. ● Options to choose from a multitude of hair smoothening treatments and a range of frizzy hair treatment choices. ● Our unique and signature Brazilian keratin hair treatment that is not available with any other hair or beauty salon in Dubai. ● The industry’s best hair treatments with the cheapest keratin treatment cost in the market. The popular choices for you that Hairplay offers: Be it an anti-frizz treatment or hair botox, Dubai, with Hairplay, you are always in luck! We have an exciting range of choices when it comes to offering you a hair treatment that caresses your hair and creates shiny hair that makes jaws drop with some eyes gaping! Here is a list of the most authentic hair treatment options that are the most sought-after by our clients. ● Protein treatment for hair ● Brazilian blowouts ● Keratin hair treatment ● Hair smoothening ● Permanent hair straightening ● Frizzy hair treatment ● Cellophane hair treatment ● Keratin rebonding ● Kerastase treatment ● Gk keratin treatment ● Hair perming, Dubai ● Hair roots treatment ● Keratin treatment for curly hair ● Keratin treatment for thin hair ● Olaplex 3, Dubai ● Japanese hair straightening At Hairplay hair salon, get the best hair straightening treatment and hair botox treatment, Dubai- Give Us a Call to Know More.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to get a hair protein treatment at home, you need to follow a series of meticulous steps. First, you need to wash your hair, get the required keratin straightening done, and finally rinse and blow dry your hair to get rid of frizzy hair and get smooth, shiny locks. But getting your keratin hair treatment at home will not be as good as getting it done by the expert stylists at Hairplay. These specialists blend expertise and experience and forge their crafts of unique hair treatment to keep your fashion game high-flying!
Japanese hair straightening is one of the newest hair treatment trends that has taken the fashion scene by storm! It comprises of using heat with protein treatment to give you that perfect hair smoothening. Rebonding hair by reshaping the protein bonds in hair shafts is a critical step of this hair treatment. Hairplay provides the best-in-class Japanese hair straightening option and has created award-winning looks for millions of fashionistas and emerging fashion divas.
Hariplay has a team of experienced hair and beauty stylists who use Caviar Botox for it contains a range of hair-healthy ingredients like vitamins, nourishing proteins, antioxidants, etc. It is a really effective anti-frizz treatment for your curly hair as it allows the healthy ingredients of hair to fill in the natural gaps of hair shafts and restore their natural beauty. Not only does this botox hair treatment eliminate frizz, but it also rejuvenates your hair and improves the volume! Remember no matter what your preference for hair styling is or what your hair type is- Hairplay can take care of it all.

Before & After Keratin Treatment Makeover

Experience the best of keratin hair straightening treatment by our professional hairstylist.

Our Keratin Treatment Salons in Dubai

Keratin Treatment - Deals & Offers in Dubai

Keratin Hair Treatment OFFER

Offer price:
600 AED
Original price: AED 1180
Total Savings: AED 580
What our customers are saying...about this offer !!!
Upeksha T.
Upeksha T.
1 week ago
Read More
Did a brazilian hair straightening treatment with this promotion at Hairplay recently. Was amazing, so happy with the final look.. Staff is so friendly. Absolutely recommend the place. Totally worth your pay..
Roxanne S.
Roxanne S.
3 months ago
Read More
I took this tempting Offer again. The stylists and staff were all excellent. I had a kera straightening done and probably one of the best I've had in Dubai, the attention to detail was fantastic. Great customer service from the receptionist too. Highly recommend.
Rita C.
Rita C.
a year ago
Read More
Best keratin treatment offer in Dubai so far. The hairdresser in Dubai for the best kera straightening of hair! The staff was super nice and welcoming and hair stylist Mohammed was the best hair scultor, he mashed and re-applied my old hair extensions super well with the new ones that i got, and blended everything super well, i even came for a touch up after and they got my hair looking amazing! Super happy with the results!!
Archana K.
Archana K.
3 hours ago
Read More
I got this Keratin Hair Offer and did my hair color and it was excellent! This is by far the best hair straightening I’ve gotten done. Mohammed is the best! He carefully treated my hair, gave me advice on post care and he is funny! 😃 I would definitely recommend Hairplay. Totally delighted!
Sarah M.
Sarah M.
5 days ago
Read More
Islam did an amazing job with the protein hair straightening treatment I was so pleasantly surprised by the end result! I completely trusted him with my hair cut and colour (I have never dyed my hair before so I was a little nervous BUT I had nothing to worry about in his hands). I love short hair and he did a beautiful job! Will definitely return and tell all my friends and family! Thank you to Islam and Regina and the rest of the Hairplay Team!
Limited time offer! Slots filling in fast
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Limited time offer! Slots filling in fast
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